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In forklift training, participants undergo rigorous instruction to operate forklifts safely and efficiently. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, trainees learn to navigate various workplace scenarios while minimizing risks to themselves and others. The training encompasses understanding forklift mechanisms, load handling techniques, and adherence to safety protocols. With certified instructors and hands-on practice, individuals develop confidence in their ability to maneuver forklifts effectively, ensuring a secure work environment for all involved.

Forklift Types: Narrow Aisle Man-up • Pedestrian Stacker • Order Picker • Power Pallet • Reach & Counter Balance Trucks

Experienced Forklift Operator Training

Attribute Details
Course Duration 2 days
Participants Limit Max of 3
Certification Validity 3 years
Course Content
– Introduction to the course.
– Introduction to the forklift.
– Safe operating practices and a safety video.
– Elementary driving skills.
– Explanation, demonstration, and guided practice in correct driving procedures.
– Examination (written and practical).
Learning Objectives
– Safely operate a forklift, minimizing the risk of harm to operators and pedestrians.
– Implement secure operating practices.
– Comprehend the potential consequences of their actions.
– Load and unload goods safely.
– Safely refuel or recharge forklifts.
– Handle awkward loads.

Forklift Refresher Training

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Course Duration

1 day
Participants Limit Max of 3
Certification Validity 3 years
Course Content
– Safety Legislation.
– Operator safety.
– Operating practice.
– Daily inspection.
– Written test.
– Practical competence test.
Learning Objectives
– Summarize key features of relevant legislation.
– Rectify any bad habits.
– Reinforce safe practices.
– Exhibit enhanced operating skills.

Beginner’s Forklift Training

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Course Duration 4 days
Participants Limit Max of 3
Certification Validity 3 years
Course Content
– Operator’s safety code.
– Daily inspection.
– Hydraulic systems.
– Operating practices.
– Controls and instruments.
– Daily inspection, take-over, and maintenance.
– Starting, stopping, and steering.
– Simple corners and maneuvering.
– Operation of hydraulic controls.
– Weight assessment.
– Handling of pallets.
– Maneuvering in confined spaces.
– Handling awkward loads.
– Written test.
– Skill tests.
Learning Objectives
– Demonstrate safe operating skills.
– Avoid endangering people and property.
– List key features of relevant legislation.

advanced forklift training goes beyond basic skills, equipping experienced operators with the knowledge and techniques necessary to excel in their roles while promoting safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards. Through continuous learning and adaptation, operators can navigate complex scenarios with confidence, ensuring a secure and productive work environment for all.

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