Construction Senior Management

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Course Overview

The Vocational Qualification in Construction Senior Management allows candidates to demonstrate competence in job-related skills in their particular area of work and expertise.

This VQ includes managing project processes, managing teams, recruiting, selecting and retaining people, and allocating work to team members. It also covers quality assurance and providing advice and judgement in construction management.

The CIOB supports the Construction Senior Management VQ and this qualification gives access to full chartered membership of the CIOB (MCIOB).
In addition, leading meetings to achieve objectives, representing your own area of responsibility in meetings, and developing yourself and others in construction management are key topics.

This qualification has been designed in partnership with the Construction Sector Skills Council to ensure relevance to the sector. There are also awarding partnership arrangements with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

Who does this qualification suit?

This VQ is suitable for:
– individuals who are working as managers within the construction and built environment sector
– experienced professionals seeking a route to professional membership


Entry is at the discretion of the centre.
Learners should be in a job or placement where they are carrying out relevant tasks and responsibilities which allow them to gather the required evidence.
No prior qualifications are required to undertake this qualification, although experience in/knowledge of subject would be an advantage

Am I Eligible?

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This VQ facilitates career progression in the sector and access to CSCS Black card

What’s involved/How do I proceed

Mandatory Units
– Manage Project Processes in Construction Management
– Manage Teams in Construction Management
– Recruit, Select and Retain People
– Allocate Work to Team Members
– Quality Assure Work in Your Team
– Provide Advice, Judgement and Service Ethically in Construction Management
– Lead Meetings to Achieve Objectives
– Represent your own Area of Responsibility in Meetings
– Develop Self and Others in Construction Management

Mandatory Units: Plus 5 of the following
– Prepare and Agree a Project Brief and Outline Programme in Construction Management
– Direct the Management of Design Development and Processes in Construction Management
– Assess and Evaluate the Sustainability and Environmental Impact of Developments in Construction Management
– Evaluate Sustainable Resources and Requirements for the Whole Lifecycle of a Construction Project
– Establish Project Procurement Arrangements in Construction Management
– Implement, Monitor and Control Strategic Procurement Systems in Construction Management
– Implement Procurement Processes in Construction Management
– Manage the Preparation and Submission of Estimates, Bids and Tenders in Construction Management
– Ensure that Contracts are Prepared, Negotiated and Agreed in Construction Management
– Control Budgets and Contract Entitlement in Construction Management
– Evaluate and Progress the Resolution of Contractual Disputes in Construction Management
– Manage Marketing and Customer Service in Construction Management
– Manage Project Handover

Commercial Option Route:
Control Budgets and Contract Entitlement in Construction Management

Production Option Route:
Control Projects in Construction Management